Tuesday, April 10, 2012


My last post included a short-ish rant on my ability to get lost anywhere. I guess I'm lucky because not many people get superpowers like I do--even if getting lost isn't a helpful one. X3

My mama must've been psychically connected to me or something (yes, I'm reading about superheroes. How can you tell?) because today she surprised my family with tickets to NYC! We'll be spending the next four days in New York City and she has the entire trip planned out with friends of hers. I can't believe it! How'd she keep it a secret from us?

Spontaneous trips rock. :D This is the first time she's ever done something like this and it's super fun! In a few hours, I'm going to go to the airport and get on an airplane to go to the coolest place ever! I was on facebook with one of my sorta friends and she gave me a list of restaurants that I should visit during my trip. I better charge my cellphone so I can call my mama if I get lost. XD

New York is a huge city. If I somehow do get lost, I sure as heck am not going to be able to find my way by myself.


  1. New York?! How cool is that :D! Enjoy your trip to NYC and make a lot of photos ^-^!

  2. Thanks for your comment =) I have a poor sense of direction too but there are times when you have to find your way to your destination by hook or by crook. Anyway, have a safe trip and enjoy yourself at the NYC. There are always kind passerby who are willing to show you the directions if you get lost =D