Monday, April 9, 2012

The Art of Getting Lost

I think I'm stupid. I really do. How can almost everyone I know find their way around this tiny, tiny town so flawlessly? They know where everything is, the shortcuts, and exactly where they are and how to get somewhere else. I live in a small hick town and I can't even bike to the grocery store by myself. Say it with me, folks, paaaaathetic.

I'm the complete opposite, guys. I can get lost going to the bathroom in my school. Like, seriously. (Not really. I'm not a total idiot) When I was in my mama's womb, rackin' up nutrition, I think I must've lacked what I needed to grow a brain. Or any kind of directional radar. Maybe she with held them from me because she wanted to have a better sense of direction.

It's really sad. My friends will be like, "Do you want to go for frozen yogurt at x or y location?" and I'll just be like, "I don't care. Can I go to your house before so we can bike together?"

It's gonna suck when I start driving. I'm moving to a city with a great public transportation system in the future, just fyi. But knowing me, I'll probably get lost in the subway. ; ^ ;

The good thing is that I have firsthand experience with getting lost. I just ask people where I am and how to get somewhere until I get pointed in the right location. No foreign countries for me in the future. I'd probably overstay my welcome and have some international force think that I'm a criminal. NO, I JUST DON'T KNOW WHERE I AM, THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

Hehe, that's why my sister carries the map with her while we're on vacation. It's a complete waste on me.

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  1. Aww don't be so negative, you are not stupid! I live in a city, but I sometimes don't know where some shops are and I already live here for like 8 years?! But if you have never been somewhere, then you can't know where something is, right :)? I don't use the subway, because we don't have one here, so if I have to use it in a different city I get lost too ^-^'.