Friday, April 6, 2012

Hello there!

Hi there, I'm Juju. ^w^ I'm obsessed with Korean and Japanese fashion and I've decided that I've had enough of being fat and kind of ugly, leh. It's not that I'm super shallow, even though I sorta am. I want to be skinnier and healthier and to have better skin. So yeah, it actually is that I'm super shallow. Even though I'm the sort of girl that no one wants to be around, I hope you'll stick around and follow my journey. Hopefully, I'll loose enough weight to be able to wear fashionable clothes. :D I love fashion. Any kind of fashion, really, but my favorite seems to be American trends and Japanese street fashion.

I'm not saying that fat people shouldn't wear fashionable clothes. They should. I just have severe confidence issues and I hope by loosing a few pounds (you can tell I'm from America now, can't you?) I can gain the confidence needed to wear what I want. Right now I'm wearing these loose, grosso clothes that hide my body shape (or lack of) so that people can't see how fat I am, lol.

So yeah, shallow girl here. I'm probably the epitome of blonde, even though I'm not actually, you know, blonde.

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  1. I love Japanese and Korean fashion too! They have a lot of cool and cute clothes that you don't have in Europe T_T. Aww I'm sure you are not that fat as you say now :o! But I will support you by losing weight :D, you can do it!