Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve here in the states, and even though I know it's Christmas in other places of the world, I'm bent on celebrating my Christmas Eve the way my family does every year: with Christmas specials on the tv and lots of cookie baking. This year we have friends coming to visit and they're arriving today, so the whole relaxation thing takes a backseat to our frantic cleaning. :P It's all good, though, because I really like the family friends who are visiting. They're coming from across the country and have two children around my age. The only problem is that since I'm a spoiled, materialistic American teenager, my parents bought me a lot of gifts. And since the friends are going to be here on Christmas day, they'll witness me opening a million presents and generally being spoiled.

While I don't mind the number of gifts I have (I don't really care very much about the gifts I get for Christmas. I just like the "Christmas Spirit" and giving gifts. I'm bad at being materialistic when it's acceptable.) a huge part of me is worried about being judged by our visitors. My parents are also fairly worried about that, so they've been trying to make me open my presents early. Which isn't working, because I'm a stickler for opening everything at once on Christmas morning.

This reads more like a diary entry than anything, so I'm sorry for being an awful blogger.

Merry Christmas, everyone! (Or Christmas Eve, I guess) I hope you all have an amazing holiday~


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mod Browsing

I was browsing Modcloth after a (failure of a) study marathon. These are some super cute things among the already ridiculously cute items for sale online. The first bag is my favorite. It looks 2d.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quick update

I failed another math test today. ^_^ Oops. I got the last quiz back and was surprised to find that I got a C on it. Not horrible, but nothing to be proud about. Hehe, this isn't my strong suit.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Gave up on studying and am now focused on not having panic attacks in the middle of class. The joys of being a mental case. ;P

On the up side, I bought a cute pair of rain boots and am now waiting for it to rain. BRING IT, NATURE.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Math Quiz

I know that this blog makes me seem like a total downer, but I can't really fix that right now. I have more bad news. The math quiz we had today was so hard that I left more than half the answers blank because I had no idea how to do any of it. My brain hurts so much right now and the quiz is nothing like the homework we do every night. It wasn't even like the practice quiz in the textbook, which I spent 2 hours doing last night.

I think this will bump my grade down another letter. :(

I hate my math teacher so much.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Work work work and no play should give this girl an A

So yeah, I don't really spend a lot of time studying. I'm lazy, and since I'm in high school, everyone around me brags about getting great grades without studying. What about me? Well...there's just so many other things I want to do other than study.

So many other things that turn me into a procrastinator.

It's pretty awful to never want to do something, but expect decent results and finals are just around the corner. (2 weeks! Why didn't I start studying earlier!?) I wrote game plans for my academic classes and the material I need to study, as well as the time frame last night. But now that it's Monday and time to get crackin' on those textbooks, I'm having a difficult time dragging myself away from the computer. It doesn't help that I'm failing math, so studying for that will be learning the units instead of just refreshing my memory.

So I whined a ton to get this stuff out of my system. Better get back to the Spanish textbook and finish memorizing the fact that la portada means network. :P

Wish me luck!