Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! I made cute Easter egg shaped cake pops last night to celebrate but it was my first attempt at making cake pops so they were just lumpy messes lol. When I was younger, my neighborhood used to have a HUGE Easter egg hunt but I was never allowed to participate because I always helped set it up. It was okay though, because I'm a bit of an old soul. Making conversation with the grownups while mooching the left over candy was all right for me.

Please bear with my ugly photos. I'm not much of a photographer. :P

Failed cake pops.
Okay-ish cake pops.

But our new neighborhood does no such thing because all the "children" here are either teenagers or in college. My parents used to make us get out our baskets every year the night before and then when we woke up, they'd be filled with candy and all sorts of goodies. We kind of grew out of Easter, to be honest, but my little sister refuses to give up free candy so she pretends to believe in the Easter bunny. And the general rule in our house is that if one kid gets something, we all do. Lucky me. :D

My sister and I dyed eggs last night. I used three tablets of food dye to make the blue coloring but it was so faint that we just decided to use pink. I started making actual Easter designs but then she started to make chibi faces and I did too. My mom was like "WHAT DID YOU DO!?". Hehe, we decided a little extra cuteness was needed. Sorry!

Please bear with my ugly photos. I'm not much of a photographer. :P

I've gotta go, guys. Easter brunch doesn't just appear out of no where. Happy Easter?


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  1. Hooray for free food :D. Yeah We are too old for egg hunts too T_T poor me , because I still like to search eggs! Well the cake pops are looking delicious! And don't worry about the photos, they are fine :). Lol those faces on the eggs are really funny ^-^. Happy Easter!