Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trend Alert: Pastel

For certain Japanese fashions, pastels have been in trend for a long time. (Lolita, Fairy-kei, Mori girl, ect) But here in the states, pastels are transitioning from Easter grandma wear to a cute spring trend. I love these muted tones so much! One of my favorite spring trends. Among the leading brands, Louis Vuitton's released an adorably pale ad campaign featuring these pale new bags!

Just three of the pics from the ad campaign. I'm lazy and didn't want to upload them all. It's not like I can afford them anyways, lol.

What are your favorite trends this spring?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


My last post included a short-ish rant on my ability to get lost anywhere. I guess I'm lucky because not many people get superpowers like I do--even if getting lost isn't a helpful one. X3

My mama must've been psychically connected to me or something (yes, I'm reading about superheroes. How can you tell?) because today she surprised my family with tickets to NYC! We'll be spending the next four days in New York City and she has the entire trip planned out with friends of hers. I can't believe it! How'd she keep it a secret from us?

Spontaneous trips rock. :D This is the first time she's ever done something like this and it's super fun! In a few hours, I'm going to go to the airport and get on an airplane to go to the coolest place ever! I was on facebook with one of my sorta friends and she gave me a list of restaurants that I should visit during my trip. I better charge my cellphone so I can call my mama if I get lost. XD

New York is a huge city. If I somehow do get lost, I sure as heck am not going to be able to find my way by myself.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Art of Getting Lost

I think I'm stupid. I really do. How can almost everyone I know find their way around this tiny, tiny town so flawlessly? They know where everything is, the shortcuts, and exactly where they are and how to get somewhere else. I live in a small hick town and I can't even bike to the grocery store by myself. Say it with me, folks, paaaaathetic.

I'm the complete opposite, guys. I can get lost going to the bathroom in my school. Like, seriously. (Not really. I'm not a total idiot) When I was in my mama's womb, rackin' up nutrition, I think I must've lacked what I needed to grow a brain. Or any kind of directional radar. Maybe she with held them from me because she wanted to have a better sense of direction.

It's really sad. My friends will be like, "Do you want to go for frozen yogurt at x or y location?" and I'll just be like, "I don't care. Can I go to your house before so we can bike together?"

It's gonna suck when I start driving. I'm moving to a city with a great public transportation system in the future, just fyi. But knowing me, I'll probably get lost in the subway. ; ^ ;

The good thing is that I have firsthand experience with getting lost. I just ask people where I am and how to get somewhere until I get pointed in the right location. No foreign countries for me in the future. I'd probably overstay my welcome and have some international force think that I'm a criminal. NO, I JUST DON'T KNOW WHERE I AM, THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

Hehe, that's why my sister carries the map with her while we're on vacation. It's a complete waste on me.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! I made cute Easter egg shaped cake pops last night to celebrate but it was my first attempt at making cake pops so they were just lumpy messes lol. When I was younger, my neighborhood used to have a HUGE Easter egg hunt but I was never allowed to participate because I always helped set it up. It was okay though, because I'm a bit of an old soul. Making conversation with the grownups while mooching the left over candy was all right for me.

Please bear with my ugly photos. I'm not much of a photographer. :P

Failed cake pops.
Okay-ish cake pops.

But our new neighborhood does no such thing because all the "children" here are either teenagers or in college. My parents used to make us get out our baskets every year the night before and then when we woke up, they'd be filled with candy and all sorts of goodies. We kind of grew out of Easter, to be honest, but my little sister refuses to give up free candy so she pretends to believe in the Easter bunny. And the general rule in our house is that if one kid gets something, we all do. Lucky me. :D

My sister and I dyed eggs last night. I used three tablets of food dye to make the blue coloring but it was so faint that we just decided to use pink. I started making actual Easter designs but then she started to make chibi faces and I did too. My mom was like "WHAT DID YOU DO!?". Hehe, we decided a little extra cuteness was needed. Sorry!

Please bear with my ugly photos. I'm not much of a photographer. :P

I've gotta go, guys. Easter brunch doesn't just appear out of no where. Happy Easter?


Friday, April 6, 2012

Hello there!

Hi there, I'm Juju. ^w^ I'm obsessed with Korean and Japanese fashion and I've decided that I've had enough of being fat and kind of ugly, leh. It's not that I'm super shallow, even though I sorta am. I want to be skinnier and healthier and to have better skin. So yeah, it actually is that I'm super shallow. Even though I'm the sort of girl that no one wants to be around, I hope you'll stick around and follow my journey. Hopefully, I'll loose enough weight to be able to wear fashionable clothes. :D I love fashion. Any kind of fashion, really, but my favorite seems to be American trends and Japanese street fashion.

I'm not saying that fat people shouldn't wear fashionable clothes. They should. I just have severe confidence issues and I hope by loosing a few pounds (you can tell I'm from America now, can't you?) I can gain the confidence needed to wear what I want. Right now I'm wearing these loose, grosso clothes that hide my body shape (or lack of) so that people can't see how fat I am, lol.

So yeah, shallow girl here. I'm probably the epitome of blonde, even though I'm not actually, you know, blonde.