Friday, March 22, 2013


So my grades haven't seen very much improvement but I did start exercising. It's only walking a few miles a day, but I haven't progressed along enough to jog. My poor body just isn't able to handle it. Lately, my friends have all been exercising and one of them lost 10 lbs! It's enough motivation for me to get my butt kicked into gear. The sad thing is that none of my friends even let me talk about dieting.

They say I'm too skinny even though I'm not and ignore the fact that my body is so soft and loose that I look like a middle aged woman. I may have small bones but I lack any muscle and my fat just...hangs off me. I have a muffin top too. It's gross, I know.

I want a healthier lifestyle because unlike the rest of the Americans, I don't want heart disease in my late thirties because as a teenager I was too stupid to take care of my body. Wow, what a run on sentence that was. But whenever I try to join in their conversations about healthy foods and new exercises, they just chide me and say "You're so skinny" and then leave me out of the rest of the conversation.

It's really annoying, but I didn't mean to complain about that. xD If anything, by shutting me out they're motivating me to be healthier. Just you see.

Competitive much, Juju?

Yes, very. :)

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  1. Well I have never seen you, but if your friends say you are already skinny, you don't need that much exercise I suppose ;o. But of course your happiness is important as well and I'm really proud of you that you will choose a healthier lifestyle, go you ^-^!
    And about your grades, I'm sure you will be fine don't worry :)!