Monday, July 15, 2013

New Direction

No, not One Direction, the British boy band. NEW Direction.

I'm trying to change this blog to reflect more of who I actually am, not the ideal I want to be. And if I'm anything, it's lazy. Sometimes I get into these obsessive moods where I want to the perfect girl who gets a 5.0 GPA, is president of the school council, reads to blind dogs and cats, weighs ninety pounds, and who is the captain of the track team.

As if! Most of the time it's an accomplishment if I even get out of bed before eight. Hell, it's an accomplishment if I even change out of my pajamas during the summer.

So that's what I am. I'm lazy.

I do want to get things done, though, hence the blog name "Lazy Girl Gets Sh*t Done". It's a purely idealistic thought, considering the most I've accomplished today is one unit of Driver's Ed and haven't even studied for the SAT since a week ago.

But maybe by acknowledging my laziness, I can get things done. In the past, I'd pull myself out of a nap and do ALL the things in one day. I'd keep trying to do ALL the things until I eventually burnt myself out and fell to the floor in an exhausted heap.

New strategy: Do a little bit each day. Don't get overwhelmed...

And keep taking naps because they rock.

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